At Safe Aging of the Ozarks, we believe in competitive rates and compassionate service. 

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Services Offered

Personal Care
Includes assisting with tasks such as:
  • toileting
  • shaving
  • bathing
  • nail trimming
  • mouth care
Housekeeping/Home Care
Includes assisting with tasks such as:
  • vacuuming
  • shampooing/steaming carpets (please see 'Specialty' section)
  • sweeping
  • dusting
  • cleaning bathrooms
  • washing windows
  • laundry
  • etc. 
Comfort Care
Includes pampering the client and helping to increase their personal comfort within their own home
Respite Care
Includes taking on the responsibilities of the caregiver to allow them time to take care of personal business, appointments, or just relax
Companion Care
Includes providing social interaction by talking with, reading to, and spending time with clients
Meal Preparation
Includes helping prepare meals in accordance with physician recommendation or to accommodate any diet restrictions
Exercise Assistance
Includes helping physically challenged or ailing clients exercise to promote range of movement and improve core strength
Home Safety Education
Includes coming into the home and providing strategies and techniques to keep the client's home safe so that they may remain in place longer
$25/hr + reimbursement for items
Includes picking up groceries, medications and other items needed or wanted by the client
Wellness Checks
Includes stopping by the client's home or calling the client to ensure they are physically and mentally well
Specialty Services/Extras
Costs Vary
  • Shampooing/Steaming/Treating Carpets- $40.00/hour
  • Clients who live 10+ miles outside of city limits will be subject to a $5.00 flat service charge per each visit