COVID-19: Where It's At and What You Need to Know

Kylie Smith

March 17, 2020

Missouri's count of confirmed Coronavirus cases is now at eight, with the most recent case having touched down south of Kansas City, in Drexel, Missouri on Tuesday March 17.

With cases of COVID-19 spreading throughout Missouri by the day, local schools and dine-in restaurants are closing their doors, along with churches and now nursing homes and senior centers, as the Center for Disease Control states that "older adults and people who have severe underlying chronic medical conditions" are more likely to contract this illness. The chronic conditions the CDC warns us about are heart and lung disease, as well as diabetes.

As the virus continues to spread and cause mass chaos, you are advised to take precautions in every manner. It is recommended that you have several weeks worth of supplies on hand, including food items and daily household necessities such as medications. If you are sick, it is important that you stay home and avoid close contact with others, especially in big places like shopping centers. Be sure to wash your hands frequently and thoroughly clean and disinfect surfaces that are touched often. These include door knobs, light switches, toilets, countertops, etc. Remember: It's better to over-do it than under-do it.

If these are things you cannot do on your own, we not only specialize in healthcare, but homecare and housekeeping as well.

For further information on how to protect yourself and your home, visit the following link:


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