Alkaline and Illness

Next time you turn on the TV or get on the internet, count how many times you see advertisements for diet plans and their accompanying products.

We regularly hear about the different miracle weight loss or wellness regimes  and their awesome ease to achieve results like Nutrisystem, South Beach, Keto, Vegan, Hydroxycut etc.  With so many to choose from it is difficult to what is the most beneficial for our lifestyle.  Many options come with a hefty price tag where as others can have difficult side affects.  I, like you out there, have had many different questions and ideas of what health truly is. 

What I have found over and over again is my body needs be in balance with itself.  

Fad diets tend to sacrifice nutrition so that the consumer sees results quickly which will encourage them to return for more.  

My guess is that if you are considering a lifestyle change your body is already out of balance.  Something is not working right.  You are overweight, on too many medications, feel too many aches and pains, or you could have embarrassing skin irritations you are tired of living with. is one of my favorite websites to get basic healthy living information and according to the article Acid vs. Alkaline in the Body by Julie Webb Kelley, for the body to be balanced, daily consumption needs to consist of 75% alkaline and 25% acidic pH content.


pH is the measurement used to determine how acidic or alkaline the object in question is.  pH stands for "power of Hydrogen" with the technical term for p being the German word for power, potenz (Halmenstein).  The numbers used for the measurement of pH is 1 though 14, with the number 7 representing neutrality.  Pure water has the neutral number of 7.  The higher the number the more alkaline the product.  The lower the number the more acidic.  Our bodies, when balanced, measure a pH between 7.35 and 7.45.  The stomach has a pH measurement around 3.5, which allows our bodies to break down food properly (Ashpari and Cirino).

Why is this important?

Evidence has displayed an elevated rate of diseases or chronic conditions with a highly acidic diet. 

What is to blame?

The Western lifestyle tends to be fast paced, busy, and filled with convenience.  The consumer demand is how do we get more, make it bigger, and faster.  Therefore, health and wellness has been pushed aside and the way nature intended our food has been manipulated in order to meet the demand.  Plants have been genetically altered and sprayed with Glyphosate, animals have been raised and mass produced in inhumane conditions while injected with antibiotics and growth hormones.  Natural sugar has been replaced with chemicals like aspartame to give that sugar-free appeal.  Many times, the foods in boxes or ready-to-go meals do not have any natural food in them at all, but food-like products.

With detrimental side affects.

The acidic levels in our bodies are higher than they used to be given the rise of diseases the Western world has to combat.  These include:

Heart Disease





Also there has been a major rise of Autoimmune disorders, many that were nonexistent  until recent times.  Autoimmune disorders are defined as (according to "a condition in which your immune system mistakenly attacks your body." This means that the immune system cannot tell the difference between healthy cells that are suppose to be present and the radical cells it is suppose to destroy.  Examples of autoimmune disorders are:




Inflammatory Bowel Disease



Crohn's Disease

Multiple Sclerosis

Celiac's Disease

These conditions and many others have a whole host of unpleasant side affects with can include diarrhea, hair loss, unexplained pain, and skin conditions.  The medications on the market to treat these conditions often have their own difficult side affects.  I speak about this from experience with fibromyalsia and arthritis.  The pain and stiffness I experienced could leave me out of commission for days.  It was almost confusing.  My hair was falling out in chunks and I gained weight rapidly.  When I received the Fibromyalsia diagnosis, I did my own research.  After months I truly discovered that my illnesses, were my own doing.  I looked in my cupboard and saw my food was pre-made and boxed.  I discover a correlation between what was in my kitchen and the rise of the dreaded cancer disease and this was what I was feeding my children.  My body was the only one reacting, thankfully, but I believed it would not be long before the little people in my charge of would react too.  And maybe with something like cancer instead of Fibro. 

I began my detox with a juice cleanse.  I followed the advice of Joe Cross, who is amazing and I urge you to check out his methods here.  My body became alkalized quickly I began to feel better than I had in a long time.  In my experience once the body was alkalized all of the autoimmune symptoms disappeared.  A detox is not for everyone.  For those who are pregnant, nursing, or with various health issues are strongly discouraged from participating in a full detox.  But there are other ways to incorporate these methods into your everyday life that will encourage your body to alkalize and balance out.

What can you do at home to help alkalize your body and prevent disease?

Print off and study this list of Alkaline foods Here.  Then spend some time going through your pantry.  Read the labels on your products.  Are there ingredients you do not recognize or cannot pronounce?  If so, throw it out because it could be a contributing factor in your decline in health.  Even some of the "healthiest" foods advertised can be loaded with poison.  Another group I follow closely is the Gerson Institute.  The Gerson Therapy specializes in disease recovery like the diseases listed above.  Max Gerson was a physician who began studying nutrition and its correlation with health when he cured his own migraines and his patient's tuberculosis with food. The facility began as cancer treatment and has since expanded to many many other illness and autoimmune disorders. The link is here to further explore this method.  There is also a Netflix documentary on the topic.  Today the Gerson Institute is run by Dr. Gerson's 96 year old daughter Charlotte.

Becoming your own advocate is the best way to approach a lifestyle change.  Arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can.  You also should seek medical advice on diet changes.  I often see people who make major changes to their diets and accidentally deprive themselves of essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy living.  In my case, I was extremely low on potassium which contributed to illnesses that kept re-occurring.  Work with your physician.  Their training is great but presenting knowledgeable information that works for you, can lead to teamwork between you and your doctor instead of blindly following someone else's advice.  Your body will know what works best for you